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From: James Wade
Subject: Face-The-Music 8This story contains gay teens in sexual situations, if you're not old
enough to be here than leave.This story is fictional, and it is a tgp bbs lolita pics
coincidence if you see yourself or
anyone you know in here.Face-The-Music photos teens lolita pic
Chapter 8By Jamie Wade"Guys, what's going on" We heard Neil's voice over the walkie-talkie."I don't know, this stupid camera isn't working.""Well, you better do something about it, the students are just starting at
a blank screen right now. The administrators are going to discover me
soon.""Ok, ok, we're working on it." Something had gone wrong with the camera, a
cable wasn't hooked up right or something, great just our luck."Maybe this is a sign, like we shouldn't do this.""No way, don't even think that Josh, we're going to do this.""Ha, I've got it." Then we saw Kylie hook up a cable, and now it was
time. "Well, go guys, you're on."Ok, just breathe, just breathe. The camera was on me, and I had nothing
coming out of my mouth. I tried a couple of times, but nothing. Then I
heard Aaron speak up, thank god."Hi, my name is Aaron, and this right here beside me is Josh. You may know
us from around school, or you might not. Now we are before you today to
tell you something about ourselves. It might be something that you already
know, or it might be brand new information to you. Either way, we are here
to say that we...we...""We are here to say that we are in love with each other. Not the friendly
way of love, but the real romantic, passionate love you have for your
boyfriend or girlfriend. I love Aaron, and he loves me." I couldn't believe
that I had actually said that, I never thought that I could. Then I did
something completely out of the blue, I pulled Aaron into me, and I gave
him a big kiss, right on the lips. Then we heard Neil's voice on the
walkie-talkie."Whoa! Guys, man you really hit home, the whole student body is in an
uproar. Man, there are teachers trying to get kids to be quiet, and sit
down. Some students are laughing, some are disgusted, and some are even
crying. You guys can't even begin to believe what is going on in here. Oh
shit! I gotta go, teacher coming."Wow, man I didn't realize it would have that kind of effect. All 5 of us
were just sitting in the empty classroom, and then we heard someone
coming. A teacher opened the door, and we all just froze. "Ok, I need to
see all of you in the office, NOW!" Then the teacher walked off, and we
were all just in awe, so we got up, and walked to the office.On our way there, we passed by some students, and they were pointing at us,
saying we were the gay couple. We even heard some students yelling at us,
calling us sick. Then we passed by Percy and Brittany, and we saw a look of
defeat over their face. Well, at least we don't have to worry about them
now.We were brought into the office, were Neil was already sitting. Across from
him was the principle, looking a little pissed off. I had a feeling that
this wasn't going to go over well."I just can't believe this, causing such a riot in the school. You have
just finished your last punishment for the fight mister Arlington. Now you
get into more lolitas young girl nude trouble, I just don't know what to do with you guys. Well, it
looks like school isn't going to happen today, so you guys better get on
home. We have already called your school miss Arlington, and there is
someone waiting to take you back to school. The officers here will escort
you guys to your cars, now get going."We all left the principle's office, and we saw a crowd of students standing
in front of the doors. Some of them looked angry, some of them looked
confused, I girls baby lolitas nudes
was just wandering what the hell we had gotten ourselves
into. The officers started parting the crowd of students, making way for us
to get through. Then all of a sudden, I saw something come flying towards
us, and we were wet. Someone had launched a water balloon at us, and one of
the officers dove into the crowd towards the kid who had thrown it, while
the other officers got us out of there quickly. We were escorted to our
cars, and Rachel went back to school.We all got into my car, and I drove Kylie, Neil, and Tara back to their
houses. I drove Aaron and me back to my house; I don't think he wanted best teen lolita info to
leave me alone. I was happy that I had finally found someone who cared
about me the way I cared about him. We arrived at my house, and we went in
and sat on the couch and started watching TV. We were both tired from
today, so I snuggled up against Aaron, putting my head in his lap. Before I
realized it, we both had fallen asleep.Aaron and me were walking through the woods, and we were happy. I felt so
safe with him, holding his hand. The sun was shining bright, and I knew
that if I died now, I would be fine with that. Then all of a sudden, the
sun went out, and everything was dark. Aaron was taken from me, and I saw
Percy holding him, and then stab him. I rushed to Aaron's aid, but he was
dead. Then Percy came at me, but I ran. I kept running, and I looked back
and saw Percy gaining on me. I came to a cliff and realized I was
stuck. Percy caught up with me, he had a smile on his face, and then he
pushed me off the cliff. I snapped up with a sweat and realized it was only
a dream. I heard the doorbell ringing, so I went up to get it. Aaron was
still asleep, but he was coming to. I gave him a little peck on the cheek,
and then went to the door. I opened it, and who else should be standing
there but Percy."What the hell do you want?" Then out of the blue, he punched me in the
face. I didn't even have a chance to react, and I realized I was on the
floor. I noticed blood on my shirt, so I put my hand to my nose and noticed
that my nose was bleeding. Percy was beginning to hit me again, but Aaron
came in, and side tackled Percy to the ground. Percy was trying to hit
Aaron, but Aaron had his arms pinned. Then Percy managed to get free, and
he sent Aaron flying into a wall. Percy came towards me again, but this
time I was ready, and I grabbed his feet, sending him flying to the
ground. Then I got up and kicked him in the balls. Percy started holding
his crotch area, moaning in pain."What the hell is the matter with you Percy? Haven't you done enough to me
already? You blackmailed me, causing me to break up with Aaron, and drop
out of the singing competition. You are the most horrible little piece of
shit that I have ever met. You have taken from me the one thing that I can
never get back, and something I can never give Aaron. You have ruined my
life more than once, what the hell is wrong with you?" Then I kicked him
again, causing him to cry a little."You've ruined everything you know.""What are you talking about? How could I have ruined something for you?""This whole singing thing was my one way ticket out of older teen nude lolita
this town. Ever
since my father found out that I was gay, he has been ignoring me. He said
that he was ok with it, but he doesn't act like it. He doesn't look at me
the same way he used to, I can tell that he is disappointed in me. So if I
won the singing thing, than I could leave this town, and my dad wouldn't
have worry about me anymore.""Listen, I'm sorry about you dad and stuff, but I really don't care. You
have treated me like shit, and you deserve everything you get. Now get the
hell out of my house before I kick you in the balls again." Percy got up,
still holding his crotch, and dashed out of there. I went over to Aaron to
see if he was ok."You ok babe?""Yeah, I'll be fine, but I'm tired.""Yeah, me too, lets go to bed." Then we both headed upstairs to my room. I
stopped by the bathroom to fix my bloody nose, and then met Aaron in my
room. We both lay down on my bed, with me hugged against Aaron."This has been one long, stressful day.""You can say that again. Just wait till school tomorrow though, that's
going to be a nightmare.""Yeah, well at least we can do the singing thing now.""Yeah, if they'll let us that is.""Of course they will, you have nothing to worry about." Then Aaron gave me
a kiss, and I kissed him back. I slipped my tongue into his mouth, and he
did the same. russian lolita lingerie models We started really getting into it, and we were kissing
hard. I flipped on top of Aaron, and kissed him more passionately. I was
getting rock hard, and I could tell he was too. Our cocks were rubbing
against each other through our jeans. I wanted Aaron right now, so bad. I
began to take off his shirt, and he helped me out. I started kissing his
chest, squeezing his nipples while I did it. I heard him moan a little,
which let me know that that really turned him on. I kissed my way down his
stomach, and made my way to his crotch. I unbuttoned his jeans, and took
them off. I rubbed his cock through his boxers, and then took preteen model lolita redhead them off. His
cock was pretty nice, probably around 8". I kissed it a little, and then
took it in my mouth. It felt so good having him in my mouth, I took it all
the way into my mouth. I began to suck him hard, and I moved my tongue up
and down his shaft as well. I could hear him moaning, so I began to suck
harder. I bobbed my head up and down licking his cock clean. I could taste
his precum, and it tasted sweet. I grabbed his ass so I could get a hold of
him while I sucked. Then I felt his cock expand in my mouth, and soon he
shot his load into my mouth. I kept my mouth around his cock, and sucked up
every last drop of his cum. Once his cock was clean of cum, and gave him a
kiss."Man Josh, that was amazing" he could barely talk he was breathing so
hard. "I guess it's time for me to pay you the favor." And with that, he
took off my clothes, and took my cock in his mouth. I was so hard that it
didn't take long for me to cum in his mouth. Once he swallowed all of my
cum, we kissed for a little bit before we fell asleep naked on my bed.I woke up a tgp bbs lolita pics couple hours later when I heard voices downstairs. I got
dressed, and went to see who was home. I walked into the kitchen to see
Kylie and Tara talking."What are you guys doing here?""Well, we wanted to see what you guys were tiny magazine lolita model up to, but once we saw you two
in your room, we figured we wait until you woke up." I turned beet red, man
they saw us in bed together. Next time I should lock my door so people
don't come barging in."Don't be embarrassed Josh, I'm happy for you guys.""Thanks Tara.""So, you guys hungry at all?""Yeah, I'm starving.""Me too." We looked through the food pantry and didn't find anything. We
then decided that we would order some pizza."Is Aaron still asleep?""I guess so, I'll get him. Hey Aaron, are you awake yet?" Then I heard some
moving upstairs, and Aaron young lolitas angels cutie came downstairs."Hey babe, what's going on?""Um..." We all three said in unison. Aaron had completely forgot to put
clothes on, so he was standing in front of everybody stark nude."Oh shit!" Then he ran back upstairs while we all busted out
laughing. Aaron came back down with a red face. We couldn't help but laugh,
it was funny. "It's not that funny guys.""Sure it is.""No it's not.""Come on Aaron, we're just joking around. You have to admit that it was
pretty funny.""Well, I guess." Then we heard the doorbell ring, and I went to get he
pizza. We decided to watch TV, and Aaron and me told them about our little
encounter with Percy earlier. After a while, we heard a car pull up, and my
mom and sister came in."Hey guys!" My sister was in a strangely good mood, I don't know why."Your in a good mood, what's up?""Oh nothing. By the way, the school called mom, and told her about the
little incident at school." Oh shit! I totally forgot about my parents. Why
didn't I think that school would call them, now my best teen lolita info
mom knows about me. "You
might want to go talk to mom, she seems pretty upset.""Ok.""You want me to come with you babe?""No thanks, I got this covered, thanks anyway." I gave Aaron a quick kiss,
and then headed to my mother's office. My mom owns her own Real estate
company, she does some work at home, but she mainly has her own office
somewhere in town. She was doing something on the computer, so I knocked on
the door. She looked up at me, and I could tell she had been crying. She
motioned for me to come in."Sit down honey." I didn't know what to expect, what was she going to do?
"Your school called me today to let me know what happened. I can't believe
that you would cause a riot like that. But anyways..." She paused for a
moment, as if to think of a way to say this properly. "...I just want to
say that I understand. I guess I should have known, you never seemed that
interested in girls.""I didn't want you to find out this way. I guess I wasn't really thinking
about it. I'm really sorry mom.""Oh honey, you don't have to be sorry about anything." Then she came over
to me, and have me a big hug. "So is that boy Aaron your boyfriend?""Well, yeah, he is.""He's nice, I'm happy for you.""Thanks mom." Then we walked out into the living room where Rachel was
telling them something."So anyways, he's really great. Oh hey guys.""Who's really great?""What? Oh, this guy at school, that's all.""Yeah, she was telling us of her new boyfriend." Rachel looked at Kylie
with an evil eye, like shut-the-hell-up look."Really? A boyfriend?""He's taking me out tonight, if that's ok mom?""I guess, as long as I get to meet him.""Yeah, he should be here any minute." Then we heard the doorbell, and
Rachel got up to get it. She then walked back in with a nice looking
guy. He was pretty hot if I don't say so myself, but something about him
looked familiar. "Ok guys, this is Wes Elliot." Then it hit me, I thought
he looked familiar."Hey, do you have an older brother?""Um, yeah.""Percy Elliot?""Yeah, you know my brother."To be continued...I just want lolita 16 girl 14 to apologize for this chapter being so late. I was really
swamped with schoolwork, but I have finally gotten time to write this
chapter. I hope I haven't lost anyone because the late submission. I'm
going to write the next chapter as soon as I get a chance, and I won't let
it be this late as this one was. Thanks for all of the patience you guys,
you won't be disappointed.
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